Lacto Pafi continues to bring good health to Filipino homes

FROM being the leading provider of probiotic-loaded health drinks for 18 years, Lacto Pafi has expanded its reach to other sectors through its complete line of agricultural, household and personal care products.

From the signature Lacto Pafi and LactoVitale probiotic health drinks, the company now produces and distributes brands such as Enzumo, LactoPlant, PafiGro, Lacto Eyedrops, Lactofresh Toothpaste, Lilac shampoo, Paficare, Paficare creamn, Pafilac Antiseptic mouthwash, Pafilac Facial Cleanser, Pafilac Feminine Wash, Pafilac Foot Powder, GregoGrow and Lacto soaps.

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